Patient Finder

What is Patient Finder?

Patient Finder is a quick and easy way to provide your family and friends with information about your location during your hospital stay. It is designed mainly to assist friends and relatives of patients undergoing surgery. It will allow them to track your progress through theatre, recovery and your return to the ward. The ward, room number and in some cases the phone extension number in your room are included in the displayed information. If you change wards and rooms during your hospital stay, Patient Finder will display your updated location.

How is Patient Finder accessed?

There are two ways for your family and friends to access Patient Finder

  1. Shortly after you are admitted to hospital, an SMS message will be sent to the mobile phone number held in your hospital record. Forward this message onto family and friends. This message contains a web link to the Patient Finder app. They just need to click on the link to open Patient Finder. It provides your location and displays other key pieces of information as shown here.
  2. Reception will supply a Patient Finder card containing information including a web address that can be entered into their browser. Alternatively they can scan the QR code provided on the back of the card. They then need to enter the state, the hospital name and your admission number to access your hospital location. Reception will have written your admission number on the back of the card.

Patient Finder provides your family and friends with the comfort of easily knowing where you are in the hospital at any given time.

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