Changes to My Health Record

Australians can opt-out of a My Health Record or ask for one to be created at any time from January 31, 2019, after the Australian Parliament passed new legislation regarding the program.

As a leading provider of health care in Australia, Healthscope supports the changes which aim to protect the privacy and security of people's health information.

A My Health Record is an online summary of a patient's health information ' such as current medications, immunisations, allergies, adverse reactions, advanced care directives and emergency contact details.

The new legislation prohibit insurers, employers and government agencies from accessing My Health Record information and allow people to permanently delete their record, and any backups, at any time in their life.

As part of the strengthened privacy provisions, a patient can control their own My Health Record at 14 years of age, when their authorised representatives is automatically removed. The new laws also include greater protections for people at risk of family violence.

From January 31 2019, a My Health Record will be created for every Australian who wants one. A person can opt-out and delete their record permanently at any time. If they change their mind, they can request a new My Health Record.

In summary, the changes to My Health Records include:

  • Allow Australians to opt-out and delete their Health Record at any time;
  • prohibit insurers, employers and government agencies from accessing My Health Information without a patient's consent or judicial order;
  • Greater privacy for people aged 14 and over;
  • Strengthening existing protections for victims of domestic and family violence;
  • Clarify that the My Health Record System cannot be privatised or used for commercial purposes

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