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Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care


Australian Hospital Patient Experience Question Set (AHPEQS)

"other mental health facilities in NSW / Queensland / Victoria"

Comparison data for YES survey results is available from the following State Health Departments:




Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The formula for the NPS is the percentage of patients responding with a 9 or 10 (‘promoters’) minus the percentage of patients responding with 0-6 (‘detractors’). Responses of 7-8 are considered ‘passives’ and are not included in the calculation.

Peer Hospitals in NSW

Comparison data for Northern Beaches Hospital is available from the NSW Health - Bureau of Health Information

Review of Patient Experience and its measurement in Australian hospitals

Sample Size

Results are from a sample of both overnight and day procedure patients (approximately matched sample size) - medical, surgical, obstetric and rehabilitation. Patients complete a survey 1-2 weeks after discharge. Survey results appear on dashboards continuously in real time but are also collated monthly and quarterly for the purposes of monitoring and trending data.

Rehabilitation and Mental Health hospitals and wards commenced electronic surveying in 2018.

Mental health service inpatients, mental health day patients and day rehabilitation patients are surveyed using a different questionnaire tool, the Your Experience of Service Survey (YES). Data is collated separately.

Your Experience of Service Survey (YES)

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